BatMarket CVV / reputation store

All buyers!Welcome to our store! We are fair and just to all buyers!


The probability of being valid of theses cards is very high .
The price is favorable.
We have a large database with great diversity.

Deliver purchased CVV immediately.

We cannot guarantee or control the account balance of the cards we sell.

There are different types of cards: non-refundable and refundable.


Purchased refundable cards can be refunded whithin 5 to 30 minutes after sales.

Valid cards cannot be refunded

We only accept BTC payment

Quick / automatic payment

The first deposit of a new user created is 20$ and 20$ will be add to your balance.the minimum deposit is 10$

Accounts of new users who do not deposit within 7 days will be automatically deleted.

We will not refund the money you charged in our store.

If the account has no balance, no activity for 1 month, the account will be deleted.


Please keep your own account and password. Do not share your password with anyone.

We will not save your password. If your password is lost, we will not be responsible

Our website links :

We used Fast Flux. Completely secure, no record, no IP tracking
Don't trust other websites and swindles

The ticketing support is provided in the store.

ICQ / jabber / TG is not supported

We do not offer any free tests.